About Us

American Cross Global is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity with EIN: 83-1984508

help for hate crime survivors, post traumatic stress disorder

Background of the organization

American Cross Global is a registered Delaware non-profit organization, formed in 1996. Purpose is to help persons from natural and man-made disasters, who lose “heart” (courage and confidence). It has evolved ever since, and over the past fifteen years has developed an extensive online program, free of charge – created by traumatized persons who survived (and most do) for traumatized persons who aren’t, and at least in the United States, are in danger of turning to drugs, crime and/or suicide.

The Program

This program, which has 135 topics and 25 links, was developed for individuals who have been there. So, a normal middle-class American will have about as much excitement reading it as this. A person hires a real estate agent to show him, or her, a nice, suburban home. Instead he takes, him, or her, to the most luxurious hospital room in town. Not too much excitement. It is specifically designed for those who have been through hell on earth. We sincerely believe that there are few, if any, other programs designed by traumatized persons who survived for traumatized persons who aren’t.

The Monument

Americans hate to read. So, we can have this wonderful online program, but it doesn’t do any good if nobody reads it. As is, we have had 16,000 hits on the program, www.americancross.org, over the past four years. This is a drop in the bucket, as it is only about ten hits per day. Another non-profit organization makes custom made dolls for traumatized children. People who support this may not like dolls themselves, but they are doing it for the children. We decided to create a cross monument for people in general, to inspire them to read some of the program. It will have some very cool videos of a stainless-steel cross, taken from the air, and from the ground. People who support this may not like crosses, but they are doing it for persons who have been through a bad situation and experiencing a lasting shock.